Toll payments and vehicle Management


Don’t know how to pay for the new tolls?


Algarve Assistants are the company to help you.

Do you find the toll system difficult to manage??  We have a toll payment service which means that we can pay the toll fees on your behalf.


The motorways have a new toll system which is not easy to use, you have to pay for the journeys after using the motorway but also this cannot be done until 24 hours following your trip, which can often be when you have returned to the UK. The tolls are paid either at a post office.


It could not be easier – all you do is pay us €40 and you let us know when you have been in Portugal and we will pay €25 of your toll fees for you regardless of how often you use the service.


We can also pay your toll charges after individual trips too for a small fee.


Running a car in Portugal?


Algarve Assistants are the company to help you.

We can assist you with any form of assistance with your car, from insurance to regular maintenance, to matriculating non Portuguese cars to arranging storage for when you are not in Portugal.

This service can be provided on a one off basis or alternatively can form part of an annual contract with other services.


Matriculating a car?


Algarve Assistants are the company to help you.

If you want to avoid the inconvenience of hiring a car every time you visit one option is to have your own car in Portugal.

Purchase prices for Portuguese registered cars can be high so the other options available to you are to import a LHD car from Europe or to use your own car in Portugal, which has a whole host of advantages such as your own personal knowledge of the car and its service history.

A non-Portuguese car can only be in Portugal legally for 183 days in any one calendar year, any longer would leave it falling foul of the law.

To make the car “legal” you can matriculate it onto Portuguese license plates following the specified process and criteria which as you would expect, involves a lot of paperwork. To solve this problem we offer a swift and professional service taking care of the whole process for you, for anyone who wants to import and matriculate a foreign car or motorbike and keep it in the country on a permanent basis.

Please call us for more information…