Rental Licences


Do you rent your house in Portugal out but don’t currently have a license?


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Background to Rental Licenses


If your property is rented short or long term in Portugal there are new laws which state the property must have a license and be registered with the local council (Câmara) to have a tourist Licence. If you choose to disregard this it is possible that you can receive unlimited fines and still have to purchase a licence immediately. Previously the licence laws were not clear but these have now been clarified and the authorities are actively searching through properties advertised to rent to see if they have licenses in place.

In order to have a licence there is a list of standards that each property must reach prior to being viewed as suitable for licencing. Each Council (Câmara Municipal) applies its own cost for the license and this is normally about €30.




Our charges to prepare all the documentation and submit the licence to the local council office (Câmara) depend on where the property is located and what information is available. There is a minimum charge of €150 plus IVA. On top of this there is the charge from the relevant Câmara for the submission of the form which are generally in the region of €30.

These costs are based on the documents shown below being available, however if not we are able to assist you with these and we would always advise of the relevant costs before proceeding.


Documents which are needed for the licence


In order to apply for a licence we normally require the following documents, however it can vary between local council offices (Câmaras);


A plan or line drawing of the property showing the exits in case of emergency.

A copy of the title Deed for the property.

A certified copy of the property owner’s Fiscal Card and Passport.

Copies of the building safety certificates - Gas, Electrical , Air Conditioning etc.

Floor plan of the property; showing the exits in case of emergency.

A copy of the architects drawings for the property.


We are able to provide these on your behalf if they are not available.


Requirements of the property


In order to apply for a licence the property must have the following in place,


Fire safety equipment (extinguishers and fire blankets in the kitchen) - We are able to provide these on your behalf if they are not available.

Buildings must be connected to all mains utilities (water, electricity, gas and sewage) or have their own provision of systems in place and have hot and cold running water.

The property needs to be furnished and provide adequate linen and utensils for the maximum number of guests.

There must be at least one bathroom for at least three bedrooms. The bathroom should include toilet, basin and bath or shower and should have locks fitted on bathroom doors.

There should be a complaints book (Livro de Reclamacoes) in the house a book indicating the rules and regulations for use of the property along with instruction manuals for the main appliances.

A first aid box with details of local medical facilities and emergency contact numbers.

Adequate safety measures and signage should be in place around swimming pools.


Do you want to rent your house in Portugal out?


We can work with letting agents on your behalf and arrange for the house to be marketed and listed for rental on the internet.

This service can be provided on a one off basis or alternatively can form part of an annual contract with other services.


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